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  Ze zeggen wel eens dat hackers slechte mensen zijn die systemen stuk maken. Het tegendeel is waar: wij helpen de arme systeembeheerders door van belangrijke files in hun systeem een backup te maken. Mocht onverhoopt een hard-disk crash plaatsvinden dan kan de file eenvoudig uit het betreffende nummer van HACK-TIC worden overgetikt (systeembeheerders hoeven geen copyrightgelden af te dragen).
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  Theo's salary level and grade have so far been entirely a matter for you to specify from Holland; obviously any future arrangements will still have to be agreed by you. My engineering staff would recommend from what we have seen of Theo so far that he should be graded at the US equivalent of an TYRE CO2 position, Grade 8 on the University of Pittsburg scale. This is at the same grade as our more experienced technicians (three grades above our most recent hires) but two grades below our recently appointed electronics supervisor. If paid through the HUYT, Theo would therefor receive $24,696 per annum. If Anny were right (we do not think so), Theo would be at Grade 10 at a salary of $26,436 per annum, almost exactly what you paid him in 1986. (According to our records he was paid $18329.30 plus $7200 rent allowance plus $1064 medical insurance contribution, total $26,593 - slightly above
our grade 9s). I would say that in view of the fact that Theo has tenure with you - whereas our grade 10s do not have tenure - that Theo's pay is already adequate to meet Anny's point of view, and that TRO can therefore expect him to work at this computer technician job, without any change in salary. This is a good job, involving training and the chance to develop his potential a great deal further. I would like, effective 1st July - when TRO takes over the management of Theo - that we manage Theo's career on the same operating basis as John Baker, and bill you in the same way as we bill you for John Baker's services. He would start at grade 9, with no initial change in salary (we would use the next cost of living increase due to HUYT employees to align things exactly). Unfortunately, there are obvious complications in that Theo's conditions of service here presently include provision of house rental etc., and his job, unlike John's is (I presume) tenured. The HUYT positions do not include all these privileges. I have asked Donald van Diepen to see if we could arrange to have Theo's superannuation contribitions paid directly to Holland by the TYRE, and have all other aspects of his job managed through the HUYT. I would assume that the Dutch authorities would retain all Theo's rights of tenure if we were took make an arrangement like this. Comments?

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