Hack-Tic 3

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        2nd, 3rd, 4th of August 1989


  During the summer of 1989 the world as we know it will go into overload. An interstellar particle stream of hackers, phone phreaks, radioactivists and assorted technological subversives will be fusing their energies into a media melt-down as the global village plugs into Amsterdam for three electrifying days of information interchange and electronic capers.
  Aided by the advanced communications technology to which they are accustomed, the hacker forces will discuss strategies, play games, and generally have a good time. Free access to permanently open on-line facilities will enable them to keep in touch with home base -- wherever that is.
  Those who rightly fear the threat of information tyranny and want to learn what they can do about it are urgently invited to interface in Amsterdam in August. There will be much to learn from people who know. Celebrity guests with something to say will be present in body or electronic spirit.
  The Force must be nurtured. If you are refused transport because your laptop looks like a bomb, cutt off behind enemy lines, or unable to attend for any other reason, then join us on the networks. Other hacker groups are requested to organize similar gatherings to coincide with ours. We can provide low-cost international communications links during the conference.

  For further information, take up contact as soon as possible with:

  P.O. box 22953
  1100 DL Amsterdam
  The Netherlands
  tel: +31 20 6001480
  fax: +31 20 763706

  uucp : ..!mcvax!neabbs!rop
  fido : 2:280/1 Hack Tic
  telex: 12969 neabs nl
Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 20 264521 / +31 20 237348
fax: +31 20 222721
  Please relay this announcement through all channels of communication that you can access. SPREAD THE BYTE

        Amsterdam, spring 1989